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The teaching will be done by our experienced TSL team plus some friends from Grace Church. We will also have the privilege of hosting some outside speakers throughout the year.

As often as we can we will leave space for ministry, activations or follow-up in Courage Groups after each teaching session so as to allow the Holy Spirit to deepen His work in our lives.


Worship is what we were created to do: to love Jesus with all of our being and to express that love together in community. At TSL we are passionate about worship and encountering God in His wonderful manifest presence. He deserves all the glory! As we spend time loving Him we cannot remain the same.

We expect that as the Spirit moves among us our worship will overflow with his gifts such as prophecy, words of knowledge and healing which we shall minister to one another in prayer.


Testimonies bear witness to God’s greatness, leading us to worship Him all the more. As we share stories of God’s kindness it encourages faith and opens the door for further encounters! No testimony is too small. As we go through the year we will treasure and celebrate God’s amazing goodness in our midst.

You will have the opportunity to share your personal testimony in your Courage Group.


Activations are a tool to help us to put into practice what we are learning. In a safe environment, we encourage one another to have a go. There need be no fear of failure, just an encouragement to be obedient to Jesus.

Activations will include prayer, sharing testimonies, prophetic exercises, words of knowledge, breaking agreement with lies and declaring the Word of God.


Outreach is an important part of Kingdom life. We have the privilege to go and love those we live amongst and to share this amazing life-changing gospel. We can expect many demonstrations of the Kingdom as we show love and compassion to the people we meet. We celebrate obedience to Jesus as we trust Him with the results of our stepping out.

We will go out together on a small number of our TSL sessions.  There will be different opportunities such as praying for the sick, prophetic evangelism, serving our local community and supporting events such as carol singing.

Courage Groups

All students will be a member of a Courage Group led by one of our wider TSL team. These small groups will provide a safe environment where you can be yourself. It will be a family where the Holy Spirit can minister and transform lives, as we support one another throughout the year. Courage Groups provide a setting where you can learn to love deeply like Jesus, and to step out and minister to others.

Courage Groups will be single-gender, and you will stay with the same set of people throughout the course of the School.

Each Courage Group will have its own WhatsApp group which will be used to bring encouragement and to build friendships during the weeks between TSL sessions.


Financial Information 2024-26
(Fees cover the whole 2-year period)

Book early and save up to £80!

Standard  fees

Early Bird:

Waged: £220

Unwaged: £170

After 15th July:

Waged: £250

Unwaged: £200

After 12th August:

Waged: £300

Unwaged: £250


A non-refundable deposit of £50 is due 14 days after acceptance of your place in the School. Your deposit counts towards your course fees and secures your place at the School.

The course fees cover speakers' gifts and travelling expenses, meals and refreshments (see application form for details) and other costs.

There is a discounted rate for those who count Grace Church, Bolton as their home church

Early Bird

Waged: £200

Unwaged: £150

After 15th July

Waged: £230

Unwaged: £180

After 12th August

Waged: £280

Unwaged: £230

Server Discounts

There is also a 25% discount for a small number of people needed to help with practicalities each week.

This involves arriving a little early to set out chairs and refreshments, and staying a little later to pack things away and clear up.

Please contact us if you are interested in this.

Grace Church Fees

SEPTEMBER 2nd 2024

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